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    this is going to be my new blogsite for regular rants of mine.

    This hopefully will supplement my webpages.

    please, if you comment stay on subject. I am interested in feedback, especially real thoughtful feedback. if you don't agree with what i believe that's fine too, but argue about why you believe differently, if that's appropriate.

    and of course, this is for fun interest and for something to think about, not to offend anyone's ideas or beliefs.

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User friendly ?

Confusing Windows error messages ? You’re likely human. Check out this link, though http://content.techrepublic.com.com/2346-10877_11-333302.html – These are so hilarious ! I was crying after reading some, some after reading the captions underneath !

I thought it was kind of depressing that I have seen most of these errors. I don’t remember the “red screen of death” but I rarely try to repair Windows Vista.

It used to be, years ago, that the big difference between a Mac and a PC was not the price or the viruses, or even the parts, but “User friendly” in the Operating System. My buddy always used to say that Mac was more user friendly, but when he installed a program he had 2 files on the desktop that he had to drag to some folder. I asked him how I would know to move those 2 folders and to where, and he said “experience,” and I was confused since I have no experience, and no friends that have Macs……………..so, …….

So, I have played with Windows for 20 years. I played with other operating systems when I came in contact with them. It always seems to be the same thing, though. When you run into an error message that says, “Operation Failed” and “Press OK for the System to Restart now,” you are practically out of breath as you try to figure out everything you are going to lose and have to close unsaved besides as your PC screws you yet again. Or you are doing two operations at once and one asks you if you’re ready to restart, and then you get an error message from a process you thought had already completed. Then you realize that you will have to restart the second process, because the PC is shutting downnnnnnnnn…………….

Dang ! These people designing these things, don’t they realize they are inadvertently destroying lives ? Just kidding.

But really, the error messages could always be a little more detailed, descriptive, and complete.

When you pull your USB drive, it could tell you, ” Windows doesn’t think your write instructions were completed, but saved your files in a Temp directory, would you like to replace and re-copy those files or those files could dissappear forever ?”

When you download a really large file, Windows could come up with a secondary message, allowing your download to continue, and let you know, “This download will likely continue for 21 Hour and 21 more minutes.”

Or, “You are getting ready to print and your printer has no paper, would you like to Pause the Print request before the Printer goes bonkers ?”

How about: “This computer is shutting down, but you have not removed the optical media from the drive. Would you like to remove the cd before you shut down the system and have to restart just to take the disc out?”

“Is it okay if Windows shuts down after your Print job is sent to the Print que instead of before this time?”

Yes, of course those would be friendlier error messages, I suppose. Especially if they had the one with the Smiley face OK Cancel only error messagebox.


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