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    this is going to be my new blogsite for regular rants of mine.

    This hopefully will supplement my webpages.

    please, if you comment stay on subject. I am interested in feedback, especially real thoughtful feedback. if you don't agree with what i believe that's fine too, but argue about why you believe differently, if that's appropriate.

    and of course, this is for fun interest and for something to think about, not to offend anyone's ideas or beliefs.

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The New Busy

If you get an email from someone who has Hotmail, often you will see a link at the bottom that says, “the new busy is not the old busy” or something like that. Their referring to email and advertising managing you email with the new Hotmail.

Really, when I see it of course, I think of life in general. I’m sure my parents at one time thought the same thing, when I was a kid perhaps. Today, you have to constantly be doing something, checking your email, deleting those junk emails, texting, researching on the internet, watching movies, reading magazines or new books, watching the news, just to keep up. There is always something to do or something someone else needs you to do. The more connected you are with people, the more stuff that creeps into your life !

There’s no time for video games anymore !

The stress of it all can be overwhelming sometimes. When I go on vacation and my cell phone is off or charging, there is sometimes…….. complete silence except for the wheels turning on the pavement. It is so quiet it is overwhelming ! It reminds you right away of the stress you are not feeling !

So, yea, the old busy is not the current busy ! Guess we just have to deal with it, and when we can’t, get in your car and drive far away !



I never knew less about communication then now. The more I learn about how people communicate, the more questions I have.

Communication does not just mean the words that we say, it also includes gestures and facial expressions, written communications, the impression you have on people, and body language.

People speak differently in different languages, mostly because different languages are built differently. In english we say “the red book”, in spanish you say “the book red”, (el libre rosa). One of the books about language I mentioned in another post said that English is more logical than other languages, for this reason above and other reasons.

The same reasoning goes to idioms, in Spanish there is no “fly on the wall” idiom. In English people say, “I would have liked to be a fly on the wall…”. In Spanish, fly has different connotations, spanish fly is one example, but also flies are considered active and vibrant and partying bugs.

For deaf people, American Sign Language doesn’t mean anything in Spanish.

But through studying people’s behavior and communication, and through my limited spanish language experiences I have come to understand more about language and the way we talk.

One example: Think about when you ask a question. After you ask a question, especially me because i like to clarify my question, I will follow with other questioning statements or other questions. Obviously, they don’t make it easier for the other person to answer the question when I do that. But, usually after you ask a question, you sometimes realize more information is needed.

person 1: Are we going over the draw bridge?

person 1: Where the boats go under the bridge.

person 1: The bridge that crosses into the borough.

person 1: The bridge that goes into Manhattan.

person 2: Yes, but we will be going into the borough of Brooklyn.

This is sometimes the way people communicate, and it is somewhat flawed, but at the same time, it usually works pretty well.

Of course, This is still pretty disorganized communication. That’s the kind I’m good at, but ….. not the best kind.


Communication is usually at the heart of every success or every failure. Unfortunately, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or place can ruin your whole life; alternatively, it may make you a millionaire or move you into a highly successful position. It’s unbelievable the power that communication has over our lives.