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    this is going to be my new blogsite for regular rants of mine.

    This hopefully will supplement my webpages.

    please, if you comment stay on subject. I am interested in feedback, especially real thoughtful feedback. if you don't agree with what i believe that's fine too, but argue about why you believe differently, if that's appropriate.

    and of course, this is for fun interest and for something to think about, not to offend anyone's ideas or beliefs.

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What the Middle Class Really Is

Many people never studied politics or sociology so they have not idea the history of the words “Middle Class.” As Wikipedia says,or tries to say, Middle Class used to mean people who own a means of production, or a capital investment.

One of the secrets of being rich, or being independently wealthy, is to have capital that on it’s own makes money. So, if you have sheep, and the sheep continually make wool, then that is an income souce that continually creates income. Property is another example. Property is rented out and continually makes money for the owner/landlord.

This is why rich people get richer. You can try to work a lot and make enough money to get ahead, but that is like re-mowing the grass. If you own a prorperty that brings in $150 per month after you pay the mortgage, and you have sheep that you can sell the wool for $100 a month after the cost of feed, then you have multiplied your income, and you have not multiplied the number of hours worked.

This is the kind of thing that rich kids know growing up. Their parents give them capital as they are growing up and teach them what they have to do to manage it. So when wealthy kids go to college they already have a lot of experience managing a business, managing property, and managing people.

So, during the Middle Ages and the Industrial Revolution, there were a lot of people who owned Capital and/or owned a means of production, a factory, rental property, a farm, et. al. Eventually, these people were able to create enough wealth for themselves that they could challenge nobles, or the elitist of early America. These self-made men were heroes then, because people thought they represented the workers.

Banks are a good example of how this works because everything they own is an instrument of capital. They take it a step further though, they have a means of production and they invest money into it so that it will bring back more money, like in the Monopoly game.

Donald Trump is a good example of this. He buys property that either rents out for him, or otherwise creates wealth, like casinos. Most of the things he owns are creating income for him.

Rich people on the other hand, are like J.R. from Dallas, if the stock market takes a dive for a couple years, their income may go down, but they have an accumulation of wealth from other means that will not be affected. Rich people have the ability to buy diamonds and gold or property, or fossil fuels, or sugar; these kind of things never go down in value no matter what happens to the economy.

So, the Middle Class is really the Almost Richey Rich class. Mitt Romney is a little confused about the Middle Class, as seen in his definition, but I really don’t think anyone can be clear about who is still in the Middle Class.  In the Huffington Post article, Joe Biden derides Romney because the Democrats say they had the same definition, though I think they are similar not alike.

Who’s right about who the Middle Class is is not important to me. What is funny is that there are a lot of people who think because they make $50,000 – $150,000 a year and work at a regular 9 – 5 job, think they are part of the Middle Class. There are some people who think because their Household makes over $100,000 a year they are part of the Middle Class.


Why can’t people do the Right thing?

My Uncle asked rhetorically, “Why can’t people just do the right thing?” and i’ve been quoting him ever since.

I usually try to think of a story people can relate to, but his story is the best. He was standing in line at the store, and there was a long line at the cashier.

And of course there was an item without a price tag, and of course it was a sale item. Empathizing with the other people in line, he tried to speed things up. He showed the cashier the ad from the current sales ad, and showed her the price was $1.38 or something.

This is why my policy is if I can’t figure out the price at the aisle I will buy it somewhere else. I’ve picked up an item with no price and looked at the tag on the shelf and it says something, but then when I get to the cashier they ring up something else, then I tell them i’m not buying it for that price and then they want to talk to you about it. “let me check the price”, “i’ll re-ring it for you”, “this isn’t the one on sale, i can show you the other one”, “it rang up correctly yesterday”, blah blah blah ! i don’t want to waste 2 minutes discussing my purchase decision with the cashier ! ugh ! or decide i’m getting something then have it in my head my plans when i get home, then have to change my plans at the cash register because the weirdos didn’t want to let everyone know how much their item costs in the aisle.

Anyway, so my Uncle tells the cashier, here’s the ad showing it is $1.38, the full-size version is $2.58, here’s $3, just let me have it for the $3 and you can check the price later, keep the change, and we won’t be holding up the line. So, of course, she called for a “Price Check”.

Now, even though there is no huge political or socio-economic situation here, it is still a judgement call on the cashier’s part. Not everyone agrees on what should have happened, most people cite the fact that a lot of stores would fire the cashier if she had done it, but the raw situation is pretty clear.

The point really is that people are faced with these types of decisions everyday. Watch Saw VI if you get a chance, outside of the blood and gore you will see the ethical dilemmas that people have and disagree on.

Why is it we have court trials where everyone agrees what should happen, but we accept when it doesn’t happen? We say, that’s the way the law works, the way the court works, we have to accept it. sometimes we don’t have the power to change things. there are so many situations we see where we wonder, why don’t they do what’s best instead of just trying to get the most money? and you know the answer, that’s the problem ! because they are worried about/want the money.

Jon doesn’t care about his and Kate’s kids. the Government doesn’t care about fair effective Health Care. your grocery store doesn’t really care if you get the best price. the Dollar Store makes money because even they are overcharging you for their products.

and what i think is troubling is that you say “hey where are the people that are supposed to do something about these things?”, and you have to think about it before you realize those people are there and they don’t work for us the way they’re supposed to anymore. the Better Business Bureau, Capitalism, Democracy, the Constitution, our Congressmen and women.

another example more people can probably see without all the political influence: what about these celebrities who get married and have everything and there’s no prenuptial agreement. they get a divorce and then you hear that it’s gotten crazy, the guy got married to this huge girl rocker when he was a homeless bum in a cornfield in Nevada, and how he’s not happy with the $60M she offered, he wants $80M because he’s afraid of being homeless again. What?

It’s hard for me to imagine being a Congressman and looking at a Bill going through and deciding to take $100,000 from the Oil Companies, regardless of the fact that my Constituents and myself want fuel-efficient cars. There have to be people who are concerned with other things besides the money.

life on other planets?

everyone involved in religion and churches spends a lot of time and energy thinking on and discussing revelation, and the end times. i think that people should be aware of revelation and what it holds for us as a civilization.

(Realize before you continue reading, that many old-school Christians do not believe that you can believe in God and believe in aliens. if you read Genesis literally it would seem to preclude the notion that God created anyone but us Earthlings.)

i don’t think that people should act irrationally about Revelation, even though pastor’s interpretation of Revelation promotes irrational behavior. literally, no one knows when the Revelation will be, where it will be, who’s getting taken where, how long it will last, nothing. the people that are taken violently to heaven will be judged again when they get to heaven. even then, Jesus says, you will only get to heaven through God’s grace. which means you could live your whole life as a Christian and be forgiven and baptized and perfect and still not get into heaven. God can still come to you at the pearly gates and tell you your not getting in, simply because he won’t allow you his grace.

some people rest their preaching and religious declarations on Revelation, because they can declare anything may happen. and anything may happen, but anything may happen right now, too. i’m reading a book now, and it is one of those books, authors, premises; if you want to read it, it is called: UFO: End-Time Delusion, by David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise, published by New Leaf Press (1992). i have mixed feelings about the book, its reasoning is hilarious, but some of the facts and ideas surprisingly make some sense.

i believe that demons exist. I also believe life exists on other planets. there are many who believe that UFO’s are demonic and piloted by demons. in all of the UFO sightings studied, UFOs disappeared from view and reappeared, made photo shots not turn out, made people who were watching forget what they saw, made bright lights that came from no actual source, and so forth. These types of things should be considered supernatural, especially the ones that cannot be explained by advanced technology. when someone takes a picture and it does not turn out, most people would say that’s beyond even the most advanced technology that the New Otherworldy Being’s (NOOB’s) might even have.

therefor, these supernatural events must be caused because the UFO’s and the NOOB’s are demons. if these “aliens” are really demons, then the reasoning is that they are here to dissuade Christians and people who may become Christians from listening to the way of God.

believing the demons, and believing they are aliens, brings people into the trap of following non-Christian beliefs.

if a demon is driving his little UFO through your neighborhood and you are visited, then they will try to implant your mind with ideas and pictures that waylay you from living your life with Christian beliefs or ideals.

if a demon is driving through your neighborhood and you believe he is an alien from another planet, then you are a member of the bigger group who believes that beings from other planets exist and you believe in the New World Order.

in either case, if you believe in aliens or you are visited by one, some people believe that you will also believe in one-world government, implanted id tags, one-religion, and one global monetary unit, because you would be following the powers-that-be into the hellish black hole they have created for you to fall into ! [evil laugh here]

what i think is odd is what i stated at the beginning of the post, some Christian leaders and some Christians still do not believe that there is life on other planets. Genesis oddly, is not the compete story of how God originated life, or the continuation of the story after God created life. Scholars have told me and would tell you, there are things left out of Genesis, it’s even retold in another book, sorry can’t remember which one, with more stuff in it. Cain and Abel had brothers and sisters and farmed and grew up together, and some of them got married and left the “Garden” at an early age, of course adulthood was 14-16 yrs old then. so, for someone to look at the Bible and think that alien life doesn’t exist or that NOOB’s are demons, i don’t understand. if someone was to say that some of these alien encounters were demons and some were not that i could say makes sense as well, but in UFO: End Time Delusion, he states that he has never encountered a case where a Christian was abducted by an alien, only visited. the non-Christians followed the NOOB’s away and are part of the New World Movement.

I believe there are too many planets out there for some of them not to have life. http://everything2.com/title/Millions+of+Alien+Races This is the Drake Equation of life on other planets: http://everything2.com/title/Drake+Equation

the Bible mentions UFO’s and aliens and dinosaurs. so i suppose its important to believe what you want and recognize aliens, and recognize demons.


this is the AIDS virus, microscopic view

this is the AIDS virus, microscopic view

on my web page i have an article about how AIDS was invented by the government to target certain populations of people in the U.S. with all the new suspicious things happening in government, there are lots of new conspiracy theories hopping around. not about the New World Order, about our government and how they operate.

there has always been the conspiracy running around that the government is in league with affluent people to take over the country. AIDS was not the first disease that was allowed to run rampant in our country. its obvious that AIDS has been let to run rampant a few more years so drug companies can make their money pretending to be keeping it at bay.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s are both diseases that people have said were bred to bring about the demise of certain populations. Alzheimer’s was said to be used by the rich to bring down people who had no prior health problems. anyone could just wake up one day and have it, and there was no way of testing to see what had suddenly brought it on.

now, of course, H1n1. most people don’t realize that there are other swine flu’s, H1N2, H1N3, H1N5 – this is not something new. why no vaccine for them? duh, money. tip of iceburg tip: what do you think H2N5 is? H3N7? there are at least 7 types of avian flu. there’s a couple of duck flu and a blue teal. yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww ! there all over the place ! .

Wait ! why all of a sudden after 15 different flu findings are we finding out about H1N1? because the government first of all wants to scare you into buying the $25 vaccine. a lot of people will get it for free but many will have their insurance companies pay for it.

of course, i’m not getting the vaccine. i’m not as smart as y’all. when the virus comes you all will have had the vaccine and you will just feel a minor pang and then it will go away, whimpering. my body will have to adapt to the disease, figure out what it is and how to recognize it in the body, and then finally, my body will kick its tiny flu butt. i won’t miss any work, but i still might be scared into getting the vaccine, like you guys. luckily, i probably won’t. i’m only 36, so it should be easy for me to come on through a flu. you all on the other hand, you all are not as healthy as me, so you had better get that H1N1 vaccine.

now, when H1N13 comes along, my body will adjust. it had to identify H1N1 on its own, (and H3N7, that avian thing), so my body gets it. your body though, well, for your sake i hope that vaccine comes quicker for y’all than the 4 months you had to wait on the piggy flu virus pseudo-vaccine. because i really don’t want to see y’all suffer, really i don’t.

Oh ! i almost forgot to tell you………. new rumor they just made up to scare y’all and keep me in my place, i suppose.

H1N1 is four different flu viruses mixed together. piggy flu, duck, avian, and violent flu. i understand how duck flu kind of jumped the fence and got into a human flu form. i understand how avian flu spread from fertilizer into human flu form. i understand how violent flu became spread by killer bees into human form and became human flu form. really. and i understand how piggy’s were really close with humans in England somewhere and that virus got spread into human form.

i am a little confused. Let me tell you, i ignore, usually, all those rumors about government involvement. i realize science is complicated. but how did avian flu in human form, mix with violent flu in human form, and mix with duck flu in human form, and mix with swine flu in human form without help from human intervention?


i just think of cancer, AIDS, Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder from Iraq, Sand Fleas from Kuwait, avian flu, swine flu, what’s the government going to cook up next? their on a roll ! their HOT ZONE, i mean HOT ! .

Bildeburg Group

omg !

This thing with the Bindenburg/Bildeburgs, and the Tri-lateral Commission. that dang Dan Brown ! if all he does is start conversations, then that is still great. everyone was talking about the Illuminati, now EVERYONE is talking about them. more stuff coming to the suface now. i could ever remember who those people were now it’s posted on the net, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg. whether the stuff you read on the internet is true or not. should write my name up there beside theirs, too ? who’s to say Rockefeller and them don’t want their names publisized as the most powerful families on Earth.

secondarily, has anyone heard of ‘Vampire 2000’ ? I think you can still find it on the internet. “Operation Vampire Killer 2000” Bush jr and Bush sr supposedly were part of it and Clinton. supposedly Obama is a member of the Bildeburg Group which is supposed to be another sub-group of the Tri-Lateral Commission. from the insinuations, the Tri-Lateral commission is the families of the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Warburgs.

Anyway, supposedly, these groups are trying through war and attrition to bring certain countries together through similar coinage, religion and government. somebody rich decided they wanted to control everything. Most people think they want to impose their will and bring everyone to their religion, their government, or their party, or coinage. To some extent, that’s true, but you have to think in terms of which religion, government and coinage, meets their goals the best and fastest.

In terms of religion, the best thing to do is get rid of some and encourage the passive pacifist religions, so that in the end their is a single religion that is docile. Beautiful !, if you are a warlord, or in the ruling class.

The monetary system should be somthing that manages how money is spent as well as attaches the money to the person. of course, this means implanted id tag or debit card. the debit card is just a step away from success for these warlords.

in order to subdue the populace politically, you have to create a new political system where the poor think they are just as rich as the rich, but the warlords couldn’t actually let them be rich. a Socialist system promotes all the poor people having the necessities of life and a bid on the finer things in life. so, you need a hybrid in order for socialism to really work with the lower classes to bring them to where they want to be socially and economically. of course, it can’t be pure socialism, because we will allow the rich to do whatever they want. but our government today is almost there, isn’t it? yea, almost there.

of course, when people have their basic needs met, ala the ‘Basic Needs Pyramid’, then they will be tired happy and complacent. those needs being food, shelter, security, and emotional. once those basic needs are met, a lot of people will think they are happy even if they are really not doing anything with the rest of their lives. like the Matrix.

in the long run, the idea would be that everyone is controlled through religion or government, money or avarice, and united through those things as well. once the people are united and similar, they are easier to classify control and the world works more like a beehive. Rich powerful people like the idea of worker bees, working for their benefit.