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    this is going to be my new blogsite for regular rants of mine.

    This hopefully will supplement my webpages.

    please, if you comment stay on subject. I am interested in feedback, especially real thoughtful feedback. if you don't agree with what i believe that's fine too, but argue about why you believe differently, if that's appropriate.

    and of course, this is for fun interest and for something to think about, not to offend anyone's ideas or beliefs.

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Scientists ?

Why is it that we Christians think of Science and Scientists differently than Math and Mathematicians ?

I was in conversation before with some Atheists who believe that being logical and being scientific is contrary to believing in God. Just shows me the state of our educational system is going dangerously downhill. Is America really SO conservative that people are not allowed to question what they are told or theorize or otherwise be creative ? Don’t people read their history books? All the times that scientists “proved” something and then later came back and said they were wrong and now they’ve found the reason and now they’re sure they are right. And we all get confused and say ” how can they be so sure they are right this time ?”

I wonder when science was developing as a subject, when did it change from the study of how things work, to a religion where some people who study it actually say that Science counters Religion ? In order for that to happen, some people would have to believe in Religion and the others would have to believe in Science.

I still believe that scientists are just like mathagicians, they study our world and figure out how it works. They’ll never figure out WHY is works, but I can surely tell you WHY it all works.

Look at a mathematician, they study how numbers work and number theory and all kinds of neat stuff. Never in their studies do they say, “well, hey. Fibonacci numbers have been proven to show the shape of a snail’s shell, so Math must have created snail shells.” We all understand that math defines numbers and studies life and numbers. Math tries to define numbers in our world.

Science, on the other hand, says, “we looked at the snail-shell and we saw a snail being born, so you have to prove to us that God created it and not Science.”

The difference is in the application of the tool. Math is a tool. Science is a tool. They both define our world and help us to understand it. But they didn’t create it. They don’t prove that God doesn’t exist. They actually prove that he does.

Do you honestly believe that with millions of operations going on in a billions cells in your body, multiplied by the billions of people on our planet, they are just accidentally happening correctly for years ? Your body works consistently the same 90% of the time, yet cells are malleable and can change anything about their structure or makeup by accident or mutation at any time. Yet, they don’t.

Belief in Science is a problem of Christians, not Atheists who believe science is the answer. Christians need to realize that there are people who study and experiment and prove things and are scientists. There are others who say science proves that the universe started with a Big Bang, but you can’t prove that your God exists. Of course, I say God created the Big Bang, because they can’t prove he didn’t. But they are basically saying that Science is the antithesis of God. I think the two co-exist, but for some reason many people can’t understand that.

The point though, and I don’t think of this lightly, these people who believe in Science, are the enemy of all religions.


fibonnaci and pi (π)

Pi uc lc.svg

How is pi (π) a unique number? some people understand that the measure of the curve of a circle is what makes pi. in a circle the arc is always the same, so the measure of a circle with a certain radius or diameter will always create a circle with the same area, shape and circumference. 2rπ is a circle of a certain size. if the 2 represents inches, then it is a 4 inch wide circle, and if you wanted that doubled then you would be talking about 4rπ. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi

Pi is also unique as a ratio. http://www.math.niu.edu/~rusin/known-math/index/11-XX.html Many people in the math theory field have found out unique properties of pi as a fraction/ratio. Basically, a spiral is what pi would look like as it gets larger. Some people have compared that to things we see in real life like tree rings, and jellyfish.

Fibonacci numbers create a similar pattern but dissimilar. the Fibonacci sequence is numbers all added together in sequence, and you add the last 2 to make the next number in the sequence.

Start with 1 and 1 (1st and 2nd numbers), add those to make 2 (3rd number). add 1 and 2 to get 3 (4th number), then 2 and 3 make 5 (5th number) and so on.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 (first 11 numbers, they get larger faster)

Basically if you compare these numbers to 1, gradually these numbers spiral out exponentially, first small then much larger quickly. This pattern is found in nature as well, the best example is a conch shell. In a conch shell the spiral is not evenly spaced like in Pi, but small spirals which turn into larger spirals quickly.

These 2 pages talk about the fibonacci number sequence and it’s relation to other natural elements:


Fibonacci sequence’s relation to Music:


Bildeburg Group (update)

If you haven’t yet seen Michael Moore’s new movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story”, you should go see it. It is really a movie for the working class, but rich people can watch it too.

One note though, a lady mentions she is in the “Middle Class”. Many in today’s society have been told that the Middle Class is people who make a decent living, usually insinuating between $50,000-$100,000 a year. Good for them, that’s really beautiful for them. but the original meaning of Middle Class was “those who own a means of production”. This means a business, like a mill, which produces a product and residual income. of course, residual income is when the income comes in whether you work or not.

In England and America during the building of our country there were the Lower, working class, the Middle Class who owned the businesses, and the rich who were the Upper Class and did not have to work for a living or depend on residual income.

Michael Moore’s movie is, to me, an update of the “Vampire 2000” paper I read years ago. This link is very similar, “Operation Vampire Killer 2000” , but I think the paper I read was just the explanation part of this website.

There are people who believe that the rich deserve to be rich; that’s understandable, but lots of people do nothing and get rich.

What’s more important to me though I think is the secondary rights Moore talks about in Capitalism. Many poor people are having their homes taken away, of course their jobs, but also their dignity, their healthcare, retirement package, everything.

People should have the right to a basic standard of living like our grandparents had. I should have the ability to work a basic job and have no debt, a house, ability to provide for my children, basic health insurance, and not have to worry about retirement. Big business and insurance companies have reduced the standard of living of our grandparents as well, after they were supposed to have their retirement package’s in hand !

This is the link to FDR’s speech regarding the “2nd Bill of Rights” which Moore talks about in his movie. I don’t think Socialism is the answer, and I don’t think the rich should pay for the poor, but there is some responsibility somewhere for us to help the less fortunate than those rich people.