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    this is going to be my new blogsite for regular rants of mine.

    This hopefully will supplement my webpages.

    please, if you comment stay on subject. I am interested in feedback, especially real thoughtful feedback. if you don't agree with what i believe that's fine too, but argue about why you believe differently, if that's appropriate.

    and of course, this is for fun interest and for something to think about, not to offend anyone's ideas or beliefs.

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Scientists ?

Why is it that we Christians think of Science and Scientists differently than Math and Mathematicians ?

I was in conversation before with some Atheists who believe that being logical and being scientific is contrary to believing in God. Just shows me the state of our educational system is going dangerously downhill. Is America really SO conservative that people are not allowed to question what they are told or theorize or otherwise be creative ? Don’t people read their history books? All the times that scientists “proved” something and then later came back and said they were wrong and now they’ve found the reason and now they’re sure they are right. And we all get confused and say ” how can they be so sure they are right this time ?”

I wonder when science was developing as a subject, when did it change from the study of how things work, to a religion where some people who study it actually say that Science counters Religion ? In order for that to happen, some people would have to believe in Religion and the others would have to believe in Science.

I still believe that scientists are just like mathagicians, they study our world and figure out how it works. They’ll never figure out WHY is works, but I can surely tell you WHY it all works.

Look at a mathematician, they study how numbers work and number theory and all kinds of neat stuff. Never in their studies do they say, “well, hey. Fibonacci numbers have been proven to show the shape of a snail’s shell, so Math must have created snail shells.” We all understand that math defines numbers and studies life and numbers. Math tries to define numbers in our world.

Science, on the other hand, says, “we looked at the snail-shell and we saw a snail being born, so you have to prove to us that God created it and not Science.”

The difference is in the application of the tool. Math is a tool. Science is a tool. They both define our world and help us to understand it. But they didn’t create it. They don’t prove that God doesn’t exist. They actually prove that he does.

Do you honestly believe that with millions of operations going on in a billions cells in your body, multiplied by the billions of people on our planet, they are just accidentally happening correctly for years ? Your body works consistently the same 90% of the time, yet cells are malleable and can change anything about their structure or makeup by accident or mutation at any time. Yet, they don’t.

Belief in Science is a problem of Christians, not Atheists who believe science is the answer. Christians need to realize that there are people who study and experiment and prove things and are scientists. There are others who say science proves that the universe started with a Big Bang, but you can’t prove that your God exists. Of course, I say God created the Big Bang, because they can’t prove he didn’t. But they are basically saying that Science is the antithesis of God. I think the two co-exist, but for some reason many people can’t understand that.

The point though, and I don’t think of this lightly, these people who believe in Science, are the enemy of all religions.


The State of Education

Our Education System was bunk when I was in High School and I graduated in ’91.

I went to high school in Glen Burnie, Maryland first, so the High Schools in Ohio were ruined for me after that. Maryland’s High School system was set up so that if you showed you were more advanced then you could be placed in higher level classes. Ohio has that now to some extent. There were other ways to move up in your classes there.

In Glen Burnie I benefited from this system. I started at Glen Burnie in the 9th Grade, and immediately put me in the 10th grade English class. English is easy and fun ! Besides, I always wanted to skip a grade in something ! Well, the class was Composition. By that time I had already started writing poetry and short stories on my own, and tried to write some Compositions/Essays. There isn’t a far stretch between a Composition and an Essay, or an Essay and a Research Report.

So, I went to class. The first day, I’m thinking, here I am with all these 10th graders, this is cool !

2nd day, I get to class and I notice most of the kids in the class are sleeping or talking in class and when I talk to them about stuff they look at me funny and don’t have much of a response. We have a classwork assignment to write about summer vacation and paint a picture with complete sentences, verb noun adjective pronoun. We were supposed to make sure there were plenty of adjectives cleanly related to the noun they were modifying, and pronouns that were just as succinct in their relationship. I remember because the teacher took a minute to show us how to diagram a sentence. I had never diagrammed a sentence before, but it was such a simple concept the teacher actually agreed when we discussed there was no place for the infinitives and conjunctions. The rest of the class was kind of lost at that point.

The 3rd day, I got kicked out. I went to class and some of the kids were talking about summer school. Summer school? I never went, would have refused, but given the chance I would have volunteered to go to school extra. By this time I’m thinking we get to write stories and I will get an easy A in this class !

Bad luck for me though ! At the end of class, the teacher actually told me to Get Out of her class ! When I tried to ask her what she meant, she told me I was way ahead of the other kids in the class. She gave me a pass to go see the Guidance Counselor that day so that I could be placed in the 11th grade English class ! And told me I would still get Credit for the 10th grade English class that I was skipping !

When I got to the next English class I was excited, but the classmates just looked at me and groaned a little. They didn’t share my enthusiasm. I thought when I was moved up to the 10th Grade English I was going to be behind. When they moved me to the 11th Grade English I was afraid I would be behind, but when I got there it was just another Essay class. Sometimes we had to study words and etymology, but that was fun, too !

But the point that this makes is that we need to identify the needs of the students and move them along to the level where they have some challenge. When I was in High School I wasted a lot of time “learning” things I already knew. Doing 3 months of fractions homework does not make someone better at fractions, just helps to identify the students who aren’t getting better at fractions.

In Ohio, I hear again and again all the bad effects of moving people up through the education system. They say students may not understand what they are learning at the higher levels because they have not had time to adjust and understand the previous lessons. I say teach them as much as we can as fast as we can.

When I was young I was an excellent speller, now I spell-check or I Google it. When I talk to a 12 year old kid and he asks me how to spell something, usually I just tell him/her to Google the thing. But when they ask,” How do you Google something?”, I can see then what our education system has become. A computer is a tool for people to use.

When we were young we were all good at math. When a kid asks me whats 103 – 57? I just put the finger to the calculator and go ! And when the kid asks me how to use the calculator the way I did, then I can see what our education system has become. A Calculator is a tool for people to use.

When I see a kid who gets angry when asked a question he/she can’t answer, I understand parents or the education system are to blame. If you can’t answer a question then Books are a good tool.

Most people know that I am a computer nerd. When kids have a computer problem and they sit there for a while and then they turn their laptop off, I am confused. People are a resource, and asking people questions in their specialty is a tool.


Schools have changed, no doubt. When I was younger I read an article about what schools were meant to be in the early days.

Grade:                     Lesson:

K-6:                               Sit down and shut up, raise your hand if you have a question, and only do what you’re told.

7-12:                            Read what’s in the book, repeat the answer when asked the question.

Follow the rules of the person in charge,  respect the other students.

Associates Degree: Learn the basics for all subjects. You have to know these things to carry on a

conversation with anyone who had this level of  education in a related field.

Bachelor’s Degree: Here’s the basics for your specialty in your field. You can do research to back up

the prevailing opinion on any subject.

Master’s Degree: Learn how to think an original thought and do your own research to back it up.

At a business, when HR is looking for the right person for the job, this is what they look at to determine what education level they need in the candidate.

Someone who is 15-16 years old has been told all their lives, don’t do just follow directions, and mediocre is okay. The perfect fast-food employee.

If you’re looking for a shift supervisor, you may be looking for a high school graduate, someone who has mastered “do what you’re told” and will tell other people what to “do as they’re told.”

Associate’s Degree holder is the person who you want to know about everything you do, not how to do it, but what needs to be done to get there and how to back you up while you do the hard stuff.

Of course, if you want someone to be assigned a job and they do that job, then that’s where your Bachelor’s Degree person comes in.

Master’s Degree person is the person you hire who can go out and do research on a task, find out how it’s been done in the past, study your business to see what needs need to be met, then use their education and experience to make a plan and get the materials and staff gathered up to get the job done.

In our society, what people do you see in High School or starting college that you think will make it to this level ? Today, someone between 20-25 can have their own business if they are talented and can use the tools that I mentioned above.

In the old days, say the 1930’s, Adults were people who could go out and live on their own, build their own home, do the job that they have apprenticed to do, and start their own business doing the job they have trained their whole lives to do. The adults of our age, our students coming out of High School (or maybe College) need to be at this level.

Some people believe that in order to compete with other countries they need to be higher than this level.

Time Travel

the speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s

1 light year = 9.4605284 × 1015 meters, or exactly 9,460,730,472,580.8 km

One astronomical unit (the distance from the Sun to the Earth). It takes approximately 499 seconds (8.32 minutes) for light to travel this distance.

*the distance to the Sun is never constant, during different seasons, from different places on Earth, so really this scientific measure is also based on where on Earth you are and at what time of year, and what the weather is at the time and other factors

speed of sound at sea level = 340.29 m / s

no sound in space though, vacuum

sources:  www.space.com, wiktionary.com, wikipedia.com, http://www.google.com, HubbleSite.org

This website has 26 nearest star distances: 26 nearest stars

how far away can we see: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_far_away_can_the_best_telescope_see

Disclaimer: This post may only be mostly scientifically accurate, so for exact measures you can use the above, which are exactly accurate.

For the theoretical measures i talk about, well just try to imagine or look for the exact measures on the internet.


i was reading an article once and it said that, you know, a light year is the distance to the sun*, and it takes light ~8 1/2 minutes  to get to the Earth. so, from what i already knew i knew that that meant anything that you see happening on the Sun right now, really happened 8 1/2 minutes ago. and i thought, well no one in the forums really would care about 8 1/2 minutes ago, what’s the big deal?

i had never heard anyone say anything about it before, so i looked it up on the internet, and it’s true, you’re looking at solar storms and flares that happened 8.32 minutes ago. my dad always said if you are thinking of it someone else has already thought it once, so i usually exaggerate things that i think of to try to see if i’ve heard somewhere of the exaggerated version.

[people don’t walk around with a glass of gas in case they run out, but if you exaggerate and say a 5 gallon tank of gas, sure lots of people haul a 5 gallon tank of gas in case they run out.]

so, the distance to the sun is 1 ly, let’s just say we look at a star that is 10 lys away. wait, that’s only about 83 minutes. the Hubble telescope can see billions of light years away from Earth orbit. so multiply 1 Billion times 8.32 minutes you get 8,320,000,000 minutes. that’s staggering. that is a little over 15829 years. so the Hubble telescope is sending us pictures from 15-20,000 years in the past !

if you are looking through a telescope is the telescope taking you back in time with that curved lens? well, i’ve never seen anything anywhere about curved lens and reducing the amount of time from here to what you’re looking at. right here, i’m in real time. at the other end of the telescope i may not be 15,000 years in the past, but i could probably look back a couple of days.

what if we could travel faster than the speed of light? could we travel to a star far away and look back and see the dinosaurs here on Earth? could we travel through the telescope and go back in time to that place at that time?

I wonder. ………

oh Jesus !

let me preempt this by saying i do believe in God and Jesus. I have faith, i even have faith that one day churches can be used for good.

let me also say that race is the government’s way of classifying people, to divide them into groups. we’re all earthlings.

no matter how you look at the world, evolution or Divine Intervention Theory (DIT), the beginning of the world started with one race. with evolution, the theory is that people came from the Fertile Crescent. in the Bible, the same. there is a lot of ambiguity about who was living in the Fertile Crescent at that time. but i’m not attempting to prove who was there, more who wasn’t there.

In that area there is Iraq and Iran which were the home of the Bible lands. Israel is there. The area of Greece is close. If you think in terms of languages, however, you will remember that the Greek language is not as old as Hebrew. I would say that the Greeks emigrated there from the Fertile Crescent area, then developed the Greek language after that.

now, according to evolution, people developed different color depending on where they lived, how much sun they got. according to the Bible, after the Tower of Babel incident, God made everyone different colors and speak different languages so they could not continue to make fools of themselves building towers to heaven. So, during the Fertile Crescent era, very few races existed according to evolution, or just 1 according to the Bible. Some people have said to me that the Bible does not say there was only 1 race of people before the Tower of Babel, only that he separated people more, after. I say that there was just the one Adam and Eve in the beginning, and people remind me of all the history of Adam and Eve that is left out of the Bible, such as Cain and Abel’s childhood and wives and brothers and sisters.

bottom line, Jesus was a Jew. Jesus’ parents were from Israel and Iraq. below is an image of a forensic anthropologist’s idea of what Jesus would have looked like.

Popular Mechanics link here to the story: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/research/1282186.html

as we all know, and as the article mentions, all cultures have artists whose geographical and cultural background influences how they depict Jesus in their paintings/recreations of him in churches and synagogues and such.

So my take on this really is still partial, in that, if this is the true image of what Christ looked like, great, let’s hang it in the church. However, if Hispanics want to hang a picture of an Hispanic Jesus in their church, great, let them. which is to say, the race or ethnicity does not matter. But, to be really frank, Jesus was not white.

Like the article says, “Judas had to point Jesus out to the soldiers, because they could not recognize him from the others in the crowd”. Jesus was like all of us and represented all of us. All of us earthlings.


this is the AIDS virus, microscopic view

this is the AIDS virus, microscopic view

on my web page i have an article about how AIDS was invented by the government to target certain populations of people in the U.S. with all the new suspicious things happening in government, there are lots of new conspiracy theories hopping around. not about the New World Order, about our government and how they operate.

there has always been the conspiracy running around that the government is in league with affluent people to take over the country. AIDS was not the first disease that was allowed to run rampant in our country. its obvious that AIDS has been let to run rampant a few more years so drug companies can make their money pretending to be keeping it at bay.

Cancer and Alzheimer’s are both diseases that people have said were bred to bring about the demise of certain populations. Alzheimer’s was said to be used by the rich to bring down people who had no prior health problems. anyone could just wake up one day and have it, and there was no way of testing to see what had suddenly brought it on.

now, of course, H1n1. most people don’t realize that there are other swine flu’s, H1N2, H1N3, H1N5 – this is not something new. why no vaccine for them? duh, money. tip of iceburg tip: what do you think H2N5 is? H3N7? there are at least 7 types of avian flu. there’s a couple of duck flu and a blue teal. yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww ! there all over the place ! .

Wait ! why all of a sudden after 15 different flu findings are we finding out about H1N1? because the government first of all wants to scare you into buying the $25 vaccine. a lot of people will get it for free but many will have their insurance companies pay for it.

of course, i’m not getting the vaccine. i’m not as smart as y’all. when the virus comes you all will have had the vaccine and you will just feel a minor pang and then it will go away, whimpering. my body will have to adapt to the disease, figure out what it is and how to recognize it in the body, and then finally, my body will kick its tiny flu butt. i won’t miss any work, but i still might be scared into getting the vaccine, like you guys. luckily, i probably won’t. i’m only 36, so it should be easy for me to come on through a flu. you all on the other hand, you all are not as healthy as me, so you had better get that H1N1 vaccine.

now, when H1N13 comes along, my body will adjust. it had to identify H1N1 on its own, (and H3N7, that avian thing), so my body gets it. your body though, well, for your sake i hope that vaccine comes quicker for y’all than the 4 months you had to wait on the piggy flu virus pseudo-vaccine. because i really don’t want to see y’all suffer, really i don’t.

Oh ! i almost forgot to tell you………. new rumor they just made up to scare y’all and keep me in my place, i suppose.

H1N1 is four different flu viruses mixed together. piggy flu, duck, avian, and violent flu. i understand how duck flu kind of jumped the fence and got into a human flu form. i understand how avian flu spread from fertilizer into human flu form. i understand how violent flu became spread by killer bees into human form and became human flu form. really. and i understand how piggy’s were really close with humans in England somewhere and that virus got spread into human form.

i am a little confused. Let me tell you, i ignore, usually, all those rumors about government involvement. i realize science is complicated. but how did avian flu in human form, mix with violent flu in human form, and mix with duck flu in human form, and mix with swine flu in human form without help from human intervention?


i just think of cancer, AIDS, Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder from Iraq, Sand Fleas from Kuwait, avian flu, swine flu, what’s the government going to cook up next? their on a roll ! their HOT ZONE, i mean HOT ! .

Bildeburg Group

omg !

This thing with the Bindenburg/Bildeburgs, and the Tri-lateral Commission. that dang Dan Brown ! if all he does is start conversations, then that is still great. everyone was talking about the Illuminati, now EVERYONE is talking about them. more stuff coming to the suface now. i could ever remember who those people were now it’s posted on the net, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg. whether the stuff you read on the internet is true or not. should write my name up there beside theirs, too ? who’s to say Rockefeller and them don’t want their names publisized as the most powerful families on Earth.

secondarily, has anyone heard of ‘Vampire 2000’ ? I think you can still find it on the internet. “Operation Vampire Killer 2000” Bush jr and Bush sr supposedly were part of it and Clinton. supposedly Obama is a member of the Bildeburg Group which is supposed to be another sub-group of the Tri-Lateral Commission. from the insinuations, the Tri-Lateral commission is the families of the Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Warburgs.

Anyway, supposedly, these groups are trying through war and attrition to bring certain countries together through similar coinage, religion and government. somebody rich decided they wanted to control everything. Most people think they want to impose their will and bring everyone to their religion, their government, or their party, or coinage. To some extent, that’s true, but you have to think in terms of which religion, government and coinage, meets their goals the best and fastest.

In terms of religion, the best thing to do is get rid of some and encourage the passive pacifist religions, so that in the end their is a single religion that is docile. Beautiful !, if you are a warlord, or in the ruling class.

The monetary system should be somthing that manages how money is spent as well as attaches the money to the person. of course, this means implanted id tag or debit card. the debit card is just a step away from success for these warlords.

in order to subdue the populace politically, you have to create a new political system where the poor think they are just as rich as the rich, but the warlords couldn’t actually let them be rich. a Socialist system promotes all the poor people having the necessities of life and a bid on the finer things in life. so, you need a hybrid in order for socialism to really work with the lower classes to bring them to where they want to be socially and economically. of course, it can’t be pure socialism, because we will allow the rich to do whatever they want. but our government today is almost there, isn’t it? yea, almost there.

of course, when people have their basic needs met, ala the ‘Basic Needs Pyramid’, then they will be tired happy and complacent. those needs being food, shelter, security, and emotional. once those basic needs are met, a lot of people will think they are happy even if they are really not doing anything with the rest of their lives. like the Matrix.

in the long run, the idea would be that everyone is controlled through religion or government, money or avarice, and united through those things as well. once the people are united and similar, they are easier to classify control and the world works more like a beehive. Rich powerful people like the idea of worker bees, working for their benefit.